Nicotine and Surgery

Patients may wonder why it is important to stop smoking before, during and after surgery? This is simply because of nicotine and not the cigarette itself (please see article

Patients who use it and have elected for surgery must be aware of the main associated risks and complications:

In simple terms, all patients who use nicotine must cease at least two weeks prior to and after surgery. Always guided by safety, I will not operate on any patient that continues to smoke or use nicotine within this timeframe. A patient’s local General Practitioner is the best person to seek for advice on how to quit smoking or for more information go to this helpful NHS link.

2 thoughts on “Nicotine and Surgery”

  1. This is the way forward for patients and hopefully will be the factor that stops them smoking forever. I am an ex-smoker. I see nothing good about it. I feel free without being dogged by an addiction. Why did I ever smoke ?- I am so much happier now that I do not.

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