Crisalix 3D Imaging

Unsure of the difference between a 300cc and 400cc implant? Want a natural result? Wondering how you will look after surgery?

Anne uses Crisalix, a virtual reality (VR) simulation app designed to support her work. By creating a 3D image and with the use of goggles, you can see yourself in virtual reality and compare with what you may look like after surgery. Anne believes that not only does that assist in your decision making but eases natural anxieties.

Crisalix for cosmetic breast surgery procedures

In cosmetic breast surgery, Crisalix helps decide on which implant to use and the shape and volume required. It offers precise and accurate 3D images for breast augmentation, reduction, lifts and reconstruction.

Also in facial surgery, Crisalix will show you what aesthetic outcomes are possible with Anne.

We can use Crisalix images for facial procedures including: facelift; eyelid; neck lift and fat transfer.

Crisalix for body procedures

Crisalix helps maintain balance with the natural harmony of your body and surgery. In doing so, it helps inform Anne of your expectations from surgery.

This 3D technology is an excellent planning tool and plays an important role in managing personal expectations from plastic and reconstructive surgery.