Nipple Reconstruction

This is a simple procedure to recreate a nipple in patients who have no nipple as a result of mastectomy, trauma or congenital absence. Rearranging skin from the surrounding area creates the nipple mound. This is called a local flap. The nipple and surrounding area will be tattooed at a later stage to form the areolar. Thus there are no obvious scars from this technique. If the nipple reconstruction is performed on its own it is a local anaesthetic procedure (you will be awake) but if other work is planned at the same time, it may be done under general anaesthetic (you will be asleep). Tattooing is carried out 3 months after the nipple reconstruction, when the scars have settled.

Anne Dancey

I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions or require a little more information then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anne Dancey

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon FRCS(Plast), MBChB(Hons), MMedSci(Hons) and MCh(Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Practice)

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Overall my surgical experience was amazing, I was very nervous in the lead up to it but I was made comfortable and at ease. All of the staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable, especially Anne.

LC (Northampton), 31 May 2018