Skin Lesion Removal

Moles, cysts and other skin lesions are very common. What might seem like an insignificant lesion can cause discomfort, embarrassment and self consciousness. In addition, many patients are concerned about changes in the appearance of the lesions or an increase in size or symptoms.

Whilst the majority of lesions are completely harmless, removal of the lesion will allow an accurate histological diagnosis to ensure there is no cancer present.

Common lesions include:

Sebaceous cyst – a pea like lesion under the skin caused by a blocked hair follicle. This fills with a waxy whitish substance.It usually has a central punctum or dimple which opens onto the skin. It can cause problems with infections and discharge.

Lipoma – a lump of fatty tissue in the layer of fat underneath the skin. The skin over it is completely normal and is not attached to the lipoma underneath. These lesions can grow to quite substantial sizes.

Skin tag – a small projection of excess skin usually found where 2 surfaces rub together, such as the axilla (under arm).

Mole – a pigmented lesion, which may be present at birth or develop later in life. Moles that change suddenly may be turning malignant (cancerous) and your doctor may recommend that your mole is removed to make sure it does not change into a cancer.

Anne Dancey

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